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Roxy    Zortola

Full Name: Roxiana Gwenieve Zortola
Nickname: Roxy
Age: around 17
Location: Rhy'Din, wherever i happen ta find, also, ::grinz:: i like Munkys KoRNer alot too. 
Marital Status: ::smilez:: engaged ta my true love foreva, Munky (XvMunky) ya, tha one frum KoRN.
Children: ::raises an eyebrow:: you have to be kidding me
Parents: ::shakes her head, staring the ground silently, pretending she didnt hear you::
Siblings: ::bites her lip, a tear rolling down her cheek:: no....
UGC Registered Dice: 4d69
RaG Assassin Number: 89
Eye Color: Mostly seen as Sapphire, extremely entrancing, and are known to change colors should she become extremely angry or depressed, and of course,  deep shade of piercing violet when around her Munky ::smilez and winks::
Hair Color: Long blonde dreads, sparkling streaks of sapphire spread thruout.
Build: naturally slim, though her many years of fighting on the streets to survive have given her a sexy, toned appearance. 
Look: a beautiful, delicate face, one which would fool many into not thinking her dangerous, but they soon are proven wrong, she has a deadly bite.
Clothing: She normally wears a Hawaiian print bikini top, baring her toned midriff, along with baggy Mencace,cargos,low on her hips, with boxers peeking out the top, and either Adidas Superstarz or Doc Marten Combat boots don her tiny feet
Jewelery: Numerous hemp and silver necklaces don her slender neck, spring bracelets encircle her tiny wrist, wears several silver anklets, a silver necklace containing a black onyx, which used to be her mother's, dozens of intricate silver rings, a chrome necklace frum her luv, Munky, with the KoRN logo dangling frum it 
::smilez, wearing her engagement ring, with a pure gold band, a sparkling diamond on top, and small diamonds on the side, forming a R & an M in small diamonds.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 117 lbs
Slaves: Azazel Rae, Tarnot13, XwSaturnX
Hobbies: loving Munk, worshipping KoRN, sk8brding, surfing
Occupation: Munkyz fiance, surfer chica, sk8tr chick, KoRN groupie! ::smirx:: im pathetic.
       SYNN's Deadliest Seductress etc, etc.
ExPs: 17,893 (or sumthin like that) 

Best Buds: Stacia (Dancer2416) J (XxJfrost)Magus (Magus4545)
Sk8brd: Menace "Stick It" Decks, Independent Trucks, China Bone Bearings, Spitfire "Lava" Wheels...u get tha drift.

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