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S\x/oR Divisions

~* Lady Celine Jade Mancalester Wulf *~
~* VJadeV *~
Member Count:53
Forum: KoF
Guild ExP Bank: 9,019
Status: Peace

*Grand Commander* VJadeV >>4d76<< ((
*Second in Command* VJadeWulfV >>4d80<< ((
*Third in Command* LadyArwin >>4d61<<  ((

~~** Rising Sun Legion **~~
(Combat Operations)

*Division Commander* GodessGrll >>4d45<<  ((

~~**Falling Sun Legion**~~
(Intelligence Operations)

*Division Commander* EmrldThndr >>3d40<<  ((

~~**White Sun Legion**~~

*Division Commander** Mswishbone >>3d45<< ((

~~**Internal Sun Legion**~~

*Division Commander** Micki0029 >>4d40<< ((

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